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1. If you could live in any city, which would you pick?
Rio de Janeiro, it looks gorgeous and its in Brazil! The fact that I don't speak a word of Portuguese and my spanish is teh suck is irrelevant.

2. What would your house look like on the outside?
It'd be a tannish yellow, like my house used to be before it was painted white. And lots of windows but not too many because windows are freaky at night
3. How would you decorate it on the inside?
I have no idea but it'd have lots of bamboo plants in snazzy containers. I love snazzy containers.

4. Would you have anyone else living with you? Who?
One of my friends. I'm sure one of them knows how to cook and would be able to feed me

5. If you threw a housewarming party, who would you invite, and what would the theme be?
My friends, my parents, maybe my siblings but don't count on it
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