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I'm late. Ah well.

1. If you could live in any city, which would you pick? Rome or Venice. I've always had a thing for Italy for some reason...

2. What would your house look like on the outside? Well it would look a bit old but still charming, as if it held many mysteries just waiting to be discovered.

3. How would you decorate it on the inside? Lots and lots of comfortable furniture that I decorated myself. The walls would be different shades of blue and purple.

4. Would you have anyone else living with you? Who? Yes, my best friends and a few dogs and cats.

5. If you threw a housewarming party, who would you invite, and what would the theme be? I would invite all my friends, some of my family, and anyone else that wanted to come. As for the theme...masks! Everyone must come in a mask! =D
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